Where better to live: in a city or a village? (Где лучше жить: в городе или в деревне?)

    I think a lot, where I continue to go, where to live. City or village? Civilization and nature? I'll try to write all the advantages of each option and consider how best to do the same.
     On the nature of a cleaner environment and a healthier, natural human environment. Attracted by the opportunity to build quickly and easily, to the best of fantasy, possibilities and limits of their land. You can listen to loud music, burn fires, not afraid to disturb anyone. In rural areas, greater autonomy, independence from transport, industry and traders. Independently almost everything and grow and eat healthy. If serious attention to farming, not only can feed itself, but also to produce food, feed others. And getting to that income. The city has some tightness, which presses psychologically makes people angry. The village is more spacious and less stress. Here people are easier to see the danger from afar, as a whole - a safe and secure. Everyone knows each other, an unknown man and draw attention to it may be harder to do something evil. And finally, it is possible to have a cat, dog or other domestic animals without compromising hygiene and animal freedom of movement.
     In spite of the unnatural conditions, where else will find many opportunities to talk with wise and interesting people, but in a large city? There's more diversity in leisure time: clubs, parties, festivals, exhibitions, internet, the ability to easily meet many people from the same Internet. It is easier to make money than in the countryside, greater independence from things, and housing. If the house burns down in the village and will lose the property, this is a serious problem. And in the city, you can quickly buy new things, remove the new housing. In the city of more people - more singles and more communication. It does not waste time growing food, less worries about the economy. Easier with hot water, toilets, electricity, heat, the ability to wash, to cook food. Simply create an opportunity for an appropriate education. In dozens of cities, universities, and even a simple village school - not everywhere. And last but not least, the advantage - it is a good mobile communications and the Internet.
     It may, of course, something I have not taken into account, life is diverse, about everything at once can not remember, but until I inclined to think that my work is yet to be concentrated in the city. Or must be at least an opportunity to quickly get to the city. I would not trade opportunities for the growth of the soul to nature's gifts, bringing the benefit of the body. My choice - City!


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