Реферат: The Struggles Of Life Essay Research Paper

The Struggles Of Life Essay, Research Paper

The Struggles in Life

Everyone is faced with struggles in life, whether physical or emotional. These struggles

inevitably shape an individual?s personality and outlook on life. Timothy Findley?s novels, The

Wars and Stones, suggest that the consequences of struggles in life result in a journey of self-

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discovery. War exists in the character?s physical and psychological accounts of the horror of

life. In the novel The Wars, Robert Ross actually goes to war and fights in World War I . In the

novel Stones, Minna Joyce encounters a war in her life as a child, trying to survive on the streets.

These physical encounters with war lead to a psychological change in the characters and their

perception of living. Robert and Minna?s experiences make them want to escape and help

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others overcome the terrible war, in their own lives. Furthermore, experiencing these struggles

leads to the character?s ultimate realization and self-discovery of life and of themselves. The

horrors of war which Robert endures are instrumental in his psychological change. Minna?s

experiences in life, in death and her internal struggles, lead her on a journey of self-discovery.

In the novel The Wars, Robert Ross is a sensitive nineteen year old boy who experiences

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first-hand the horrors of battle as a Canadian Soldier in the First World War. Being named a

Lieutenant shortly after arriving in Europe, Robert is thrust into combat. While advancing to the

front with his troops Robert witnesses his first images of the brutality of war:

He was taking his troops to the front and they

were walking along a road that had been shelled

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and there was a soldier lying dead by the road

whose head had been smashed. It was an awful

shock. The first dead man he?d seen. (The Wars 99)

Robert has not yet experienced anything that could prepare him for the conditions he faces. In


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this instance, Robert experiences brutality for the first time, in the form of a dead body which

has been gruesomely wounded. The shock of seeing a dead body can be very disturbing to any

individual, and not even an experienced veteran could be prepared for the horrific sight Robert

endures here. Minna Joyce, a writer in the novel Stones, also experiences and reacts to the

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