Реферат: Sports Violence Essay Research Paper AbstractThis report

Sports Violence Essay, Research Paper


This report will briefly examine violence in sports. It will give possible

reasons for the increase in violence, why violence seems to be growing and what

we can do to curb this disturbing tend. While not all theories can we examined

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here, the most relevant to the topic will be examined and discussed.


The purpose of this report is to bring into light one of the most talked

about problem in sports today, violence. Many people, spectators, coaches,

players and referees, of nearly all contact sports, have noted that there is

been a large increase in the number of violent encounters. Some believe that

this is a reflection of the problems with society today as a whole; that our

aggressions are simply let out on the playing field. Other people believe that

violence stems from the breakdown of basic family values at home. Whatever

philosophy you are inclined to believe, it is obvious that this is a growing,

and alarming problem. This is a problem that must be dealt with, to not only

protect players and referees, but to find out why we seem to be such an angry

society today. This topic is very close me, because I am a professional soccer

referee. I have dealt with numerous violence situations over the past eleven

years. In some cases, I have merely been a witness. In other cases, I was the

one whom the violence was committed upon.


My goal here is to determine why violence starting to take over our once, fun

and enjoyable sporting events. I believe that this outpouring of violence is

directly related to society. I believe it all comes down to a lack of respect;

Lack of respect for authority, for each other and for ourselves. I expect to

find out also, that our up bringing, and those that influence us, will have a

direct impact upon whether or not we become involved in violence in sports.


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