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Then the mother compacts all the material into a firm, solid mound. Finally, she

excavates a cavity up to two feet deep, lays her eggs and covers them up.

"In crocodilians, the temperature experienced by the embryo in its egg is a

major determination of hatchling sex, this is referred to as

temperature-dependent sex determination or TSD. TSD has been proven in five

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species of crocodiles and is probably true for all species, because crocodilians

lack sex chromosomes. Exclusively females are produced at low incubation

temperatures, males are produced at intermediate temperatures, and high

temperatures produce mostly or only females. Where the female builds her nest

and when she lays her eggs both have major effects on the sex ratio for her

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offspring. Thermal cues probably play a major role in nest-site selection and

construction. It is not surprising that, in many crocodilian nests, all of the

siblings are of the same sex. The crucial period of thermal sensitivity begins

early in development and extends throughout the first half of incubation"

(120 Ross). "Without knowing it FPL created ideal nesting sites for

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crocodiles" (1E Miller). Along with the cooling canals of Turkey Point,

Everglades National Park, and Key Largo are the key breeding areas for C. acutus.

"As American crocodiles produce commercially valuable hide, sustainable

utilization programs based on ranching and farming are feasible, However, the

development of management programs based on sustainable utilization must be

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approached on a country-by-country basis and be directly linked to the health of

wild populations. A majority of countries [8 of the 17] that the crocodile

inhibits have management programs based on complete protection, but only a few

have enforced legislation. El Salvador and Haiti have no management programs

whatsoever. In five countries, farming of the American crocodile has begun"

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(3 Species). "In the early 1960s, the wild crocodilian resource necessary

for the skin trade had dwindled and the first conservation laws were enacted,

resulting in a simultaneous rise in prices and in the demand for skins. It was

at this time that farsighted conservationists and skin producers started to

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