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and then just blatantly selling it to whomever they choose. This is not just

the distributing of pirated software this is the selling of the software with a

motive for undue profit. The fifth method of software piracy is over computer

networks. A network is a series of computers physically linked to one or more

main computers called servers. Each server stores the software for all the

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computers it serves. Each time a computer accesses the server for a program it

copies the program on to the local computer for use. This in itself is legal

but the owner of the network must have licenses for each copy of a program that

is being used otherwise this is copyright infringement. The sixth and final

type of software piracy is known as ‘Software Rental.’ This is where software

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is “rented” to individuals who typically copy the software to their individual

computers and return the original rented piece of software to the renter. This

method of piracy is not as common as the rest due the nature of the distribution

but it does exist. The Software Publishers Association (S.P.A.) have sued the

owner of a store located in Winnipeg called ‘Microplay’ for the renting of

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software to its customers. This type of piracy does exists but it is usually

halted soon after it starts. These are the many ways that software piracy can

be and is committed. Even though there are many more methods of piracy, these

six are the of the most evident and can be dealt with.

If software piracy is a crime why do people do it? Well there are many

reasons why individuals commit software piracy. On the whole many otherwise good

citizens are not aware of the crime that they are committing. Weather it is

just careless ignorance or the lack of awareness to the law these people are

committing a crime and may not be aware of it.

“I am motivated by the belief that some

capitalist pig create the goods therein, and

thus they should be free to the people.” (Laberis) This interpretation

is the most common especially among minors. As the quote suggests many believe

that major software moguls such as Bill Gates (the owner and founder of

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