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them as ‘they do not need the money’ or they believe that their single actions

can not hurt. For this many ’software pirates’ do not believe that what they

are doing is wrong. Another reason is for shear greed. Either they do not have

the ability to pay for the software they use or they do not feel that they

should. As was stated earlier minors are the most likely to commit software

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piracy. Many do so to the challenge the law and for rebellion as glorified with

the rumours and stories of ‘hackers.’ On the technical side software piracy is

relatively easy to commit. All one needs is a computer and some type of

removable means of storage such as diskettes or CD-ROM’s. It takes seconds to

transfer data which takes care of the time problem. Also unlike the copying of

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audio of video cassettes there is not quality loss in the copied product. When

an individual copies a piece of software they copy an exact duplicate of the

software all the features that the copied software contains with absolutely no

quality loss therefore making it an attractive means of both acquiring and

distributing illegal software.

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There are to consequences to software piracy. Piracy not only hurts

business but it hurts the legal owners of software. By stealing software the

creators of the software cannot recover their losses nor can they make their

program better.

“Piracy harms all software publishers, regardless

of their size. Software publishers spend years

developing software for the public to use. A portion

of every dollar spent in purchasing the original

software funnelled back into research and development

so that better, more advanced software products can be

produced. When you purchase pirated software your

money goes directly into the pockets of the pirates

instead.” (Microsoft) This excerpt is from a booklet released by the

Microsoft corporation and is about software licensing and piracy. This excerpt

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