Реферат: Software Piracy A Big Crime With Big

every that has legally purchased the product is being affected as well. By

pirating software you do not get the support that would normally come with a

program. Nor do you get the manuals that explain the proper use of the program.

But the consequences can be also legally severe. An organization called the

Software Publisher’s Association (S.P.A.) has devoted their time to cracking

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down software piracy commercially and on the internet. The S.P.A. is the leader

in software piracy prosecution. They organization campaigns for individuals to

report piracy to them and then on behalf of the companies that are affected the

S.P.A. takes legal action against those they see that are committing a gross

violation of the copyright laws. One such business was a company in Winnipeg

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called Microplay. As I mentioned before the S.P.A. on behalf of its members

sued the owner and proprietor of Microplay for the rental of software to its

members. As of yet a settlement has not been reached. This is just one action

of many that the S.P.A. spearheads. Don’t think that major companies and

business are affected by the crackdown on software piracy. The fact on Canadian

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copyright law infringement is not specific to software piracy. This is very

dangerous because the first incident of piracy that is taken to Canadian law

courts has the potential to be acquitted such as the case of David LaMacchia in

the United States. Since the LaMacchia incident the United States have set down

harsh and binding consequences to software piracy. A first offence can call for

at least five years of imprisonment and/or a two hundred thousand dollar fine.

And that is just for the first offence! If you are convicted as a facilitator or

have been convicted for software piracy in the past you can face up to ten years

in prison and/or fines of up to two hundred and fifty thousand dollars per

convicted infringement. Canada is expected to adopt somewhat similar

consequences in the near future. Stiff penalties will not stop all piracy but

it is a start and with harsh prosecution of infringements and high consequences

piracy can hopefully be curbed on the small scale.

There are ways to prevent being caught with pirated software. First of all

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