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chance of the product being legitimate. Do some research on the product you are

about to buy. Not only will it save money from buying useless products but it

will inform of what types of things to expect with the package. Third make sure

that the product had some type of copy protection weather it be a registration

number or some type of anti-piracy logo or hologram. Plus make sure all

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software came with a set of licensing documents. These documents outline the

proper usage of the product and warranty information. Then make sure that once

the software has been purchased that it has been registered with the company

that created it. Buy doing this technical support, updates and discounts on

other programs can be attained with out any problems or hassle.

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Software piracy is a fact of life. It is a crime that occurs at every

second of the day and in every country in the world. By ignoring copyright law,

intellectual property is being misused. By ignoring the problem it can only get

worse. The two greatest ways to defeat software piracy is by education and

prosecution. By educating the masses in a time of computer globalization

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assurance of knowledge about software piracy will increase and ignorance will

hopefully be abated. Frank Clegg (Director for Canadian Alliance Against

Software Theft) said it best, “stealing software is like stealing anything else.

It is wrong!”(Computing Canada)

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