Реферат: Euthanasia Is Religious Medically And Legally Wrong

Euthanasia Is Religious, Medically, And Legally Wrong Essay, Research Paper

Euthanasia Is Religious, Medically, and Legally Wrong

Euthanasia is defined as “a painless killing,espacially to end a

painful and incurable disease;mercy killing”. The righteousness of this act is

being debated in several countries throughout the world,and Canada is no

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exception.Euthanasisa must not be accepted for religious,legal and medical

reasons,as alternatives to such a dramatic end.

To begin,the law,both civil and religious,forbid killing. Individuals

are prosecuted in courts of law for committing murder. An example of this is

the case of Robert Latimer. Although he claimed to have mercifully ended the

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life of his daughter who suffered from an extreme case of cerebral palsy,he

was convicted of murder in the second digree. The courts were obliged to find

him guilty as he broke the law by taking the life of another human being.

Robert Latimer took it upon himself to decide that his daughter would never

lead a full life. Tracy Latimer was never given an opportunity for success, as

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her life was taken. A not guilty verdict would have told people that parents

of disabled children can perform both voluntary euthanasia on their children.

In the United States, euthanasia was voted on for the first time in the state

of Washington. Although polls before the vote revealed strong support for

it,the ballot was defeated by fifty-four to forty-six percent,and euthanasia

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remains illegal in Noth America. In addition to violating civil law,euthanasia

also contradicts the laws of many religions of the world. It is God who

controlls life and death. Man will take this responsibility if euthanasia is

permitted. It is stated in the ten commandments,”Do not commit murder”. Murder

can take many forms,one of which is suicide,the taking of one’s own life. This

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is forbidden by the Christian religion. There is a picture on my grand-mothers

wall which stated that”human life is not merely the possession of the one who

bears it. It is an inherited gift,as such,has meaning not only for oneself but

for those who bestowed it,those who have shared it and those who will follow”.

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