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Business And Ethics Essay, Research Paper

Business and Ethics



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FEBURARY 12, 1997


From a business perspective, working under government contracts can be

very lucrative. In general, a steady stream of orders keep coming in, revenue

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increases and the company continues to grow. There are a few obvious downfalls

to working with government contracts; a higher quality is to be expected as well

as extensive research accompanied by accurate and complete documentation are

usually required. If one part of the process fails to perform correctly it can

cause minor flaws as well a problems that can carry some serious repercussions;

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For example the case of the failed computer chip at Company X. When both the

employee and company are found at fault, the question arises of how extensive

should the repercussions be? Is the company as a whole liable or do you look

into individual employees within that company? From an ethical perspective one

would have to look at the available information of both the employees and their

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superiors along with the role of others in the situation. Next you would have

to analyze the final outcome from a corporate perspective and then examine the

corporate responsibility as a whole in order to find a resolution for cases such

as this.

The first mitigating factor involved in the Company X case is the

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uncertainty, on the part of the employees, on their duties that they were

assigned. It is possible that during the testing procedure, an employee

couldn’t distinguish between the parts they were to test under government

standards and commercial standards. In some cases they might have even been

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