Реферат: The Chicago Fire Of 1871 Essay Research

a blanket of smoke. As Thomas Byrne of Hose Elevator No.2 said,”you couldn’t

see anything over you but fire….No clouds, no stars, nothing but fire.” The

north side started in flames on Monday. As people fled east to the lake, odd

things were saved, such examples are: a rooster, a fire place mantle, a pack of

playing cards, a stovepipe, an empty box, a feather duster, and a wooden Indian.

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Shortly before the court house burned down 100 prisoners were released. Most of

the prisoners began looting. When the Water Works was hit by the fire, many of

the firemen went home. Finally around 11P.M. the wind died down and showers

began falling. The fire was over, even though many piles of wood remained


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90,000 people were left homeless and 300 people died. 2124 acres were

destroyed in the raging inferno, a total of $200,000,000 in property loss.

After a huge fire like this you would expect for it to take a long time to

rebuild, but with in a month, 4,000 new buildings were put up.

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