Реферат: Rate Of Reaction In Sodium Thiosulphate And

the skin and clothing. When handling hot beakers and measuring cylinders a pair

of tongs will be used. A gauze and heatproof mat will be used while heating to

avoid any damage to the equipment.

Fair Test – In order for my findings to be valid the experiment must be a fair

one. I will use the same standard each time for judging when the X has

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disappeared. I will make sure that the measuring cylinders for the HCl and

thiosulphate will not be mixed up. The amount of HCl will be 5 cm3 each time,

and the amount of thiosulphate will be fixed at 15 cm3. During the heating

stage of the experiment, a blue flame will be used throughout. Also the same

Bunsen burner and gas tap will be used to maintain continuity. All of these

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precautions will make my final results more reliable and keep anomalies at a

minimum so thus make the entire investigation more successful.

Prediction ?

I predict that as the temperature is increased the rate of reaction will

increase. I also predict that as the concentration of the sodium thiosulphate

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increases the rate of reaction will increase. This means that both graphs drawn

up in my analysis will have positive correlation, and will probably be curved

as the increase in rate of reaction will not be exactly the same as the concentration\temperature

is increased. This can be justified by relating to the collision theory. When

the temperature is increased the particles will have more energy and thus move

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faster. Therefore they will collide more often and with more energy. Particles

with more energy are more likely to overcome the activation energy barrier to

reaction and thus react successfully. If solutions of reacting particles are

made more concentrated there are more particles per unit volume. Collisions

between reacting particles are therefore more likely to occur. All this can be

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understood better with full understanding of the collision theory itself:

For a reaction to occur particles have to collide with each other. Only a small

percent result in a reaction. This is due to the energy barrier to overcome.

Only particles with enough energy to overcome the barrier will react after

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