Реферат: Brainstorming Essay Research Paper First please complete

Brainstorming Essay, Research Paper

First please complete our Brainstorming Worksheet. The worksheet is a .PDF file and requires the free Adobe Acrobat viewer.

After Completing the Worksheet…

You should now have between 25 and 75 potential essay topics. The next step is to narrow this list down to the topics that are most suited to an admissions essay. For each item listed above, answer the following questions. Some of your ideas may reveal themselves as dull, while you will find plenty to discuss for others.

For each of the personal characteristics or skills you have listed, ask:

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Does it distinguish me from others I know?

How did I develop this attribute?

For each of the activities you have listed, ask:

What made me join this activity?

What made me continue to contribute to it?

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For each event in your life you have listed, ask:

Why do I remember this particular event?

Did it change me as a person?

How did I react?

Was the event a moment of epiphany, as if my eyes saw something to which they had previously been blind?

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For each person you have listed, ask:

Why have I named this person?

Do I aspire to become like this person?

Which of this person?s traits do I admire?

Do I aspire to become like this person?

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Which of this person?s traits do I admire?

Is there something that this person has said that I will always remember?

Did he or she challenge my views?

For each of your favorites and least favorites, ask:

Why is this a favorite or least favorite?

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Has this thing influenced my life in a meaningful way?

For each failure, ask:

What if anything did I learn from this failure?

What if anything good came out of this failure?

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